I am a postdoc at Harvard's IQSS and Northeastern's Network Science Institute, and a member of the Lazer Lab. I got my PhD in the Computer Science from Cornell, where I was advised by Mor Naaman as part of the Jacobs Institute at Cornell Tech. I was fortunate enough to spend time at Facebook Core Data ScienceYahoo LabsSocialFlow Inc. and Bloomberg L.P. Prior to Cornell, I got MS in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a double major B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science at Tel-Aviv University.

In my research I combine machine learning, natural language processing and statistical methods to learn about human behavior in the real-world using large-scale datasets. My dissertation focused on developing computational methods for studying individuals' attention online, for example to attention to online news or to social media. See the publications page for a complete list of works where I managed to push the limit a little bit through my work.