• Understanding Feedback Expectations on Facebook by Nir Grinberg, Shankar Kalyanaraman, Lada A. Adamic, and Mor Naaman. CSCW'17.

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  • Invited Talk: Social Media Diurnal Patterns, Clunch Seminar, University of Pennsylvania, Decemeber 2014. [slides]

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  • Robust Detection of Hyper-local Events from Geotagged Social Media Data by Ke Xie, Chaolun Xia, Nir Grinberg, Raz Schwartz, and Mor Naaman. MDMKDD'13

  • Nuclear Detection Using Higher-Order Topic Modeling by Christie Nelson, William M. Pottenger, Hannah Keiler, and Nir GrinbergIEEE-HST'12.

  • Invited Talk: Higher Order Latent Dirichlet Allocation CCICADA special event, University of Southern California, October 2010.

  • Removing systematics from the CoRoT light curves: I. Magnitude-Dependent Zero Point by Tsevi Mazeh, Pascal Guterman, Suzanne Aigrain, Shay Zucker, Nir Grinberg, et al. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 506.1(2009): 431-434.